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noviembre 12, 2019
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The secret of women’s success in the energy sector: Kira Potowski

Kira Potowski, Trade and Investment Manager of the Mexican-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CAMEXA).

A German businesswoman with almost five years in Mexico City. She declares herself to be a faithful promoter of self-esteem and self-confidence for personal and professional growth.

Kira Potowski has a degree in Culture and Business Management from the University of Applied Sciences in Zittau/Görlitz, Germany. Also, she holds a Master’s Degree in Management and International Business from the University of Applied Sciences in Osnabrück, Germany; and another in International Development Cooperation from KyungHee University in Seoul, South Korea. In addition to this, she has studied specialties in international marketing, strategy formulation, international trade and investment, international economics, among many others.

Kira is a clear example that preparation and determination are the keys to success. She shared that although she sometimes has felt intimidated by some men in work matters, she has never been a victim of pressure. She has full confidence in her abilities and considers self-esteem and personal assurance as the keys to achieving her goals. «But I’m not going to deny that there are times when I’ve felt excluded from some important discussion; especially when you’re the only woman among a group of men,» she said.

Read this column in Spanish: El secreto del éxito femenino en el sector energético

As a woman, she has noticed that at major events there is always a palpable difference between the number of men and women attending. She also commented that, although relevant efforts have been made in companies, the vast majority of managerial positions still belong to men.

She clarified that sometimes it is not that women are rejected, but that their aptitudes or abilities are unknown. «I’ve attended a lot of events and forums where the majority of those present are men, and there’s always someone who says, ‘there are no women who want to be here. But I always respond that I could get at least 30 women who would be delighted to be there and participate,» she said.

Kira Potowski entrusted us with valuable advice for women seeking to get involved in any field of work. «The main clue is always to have the will to do things, but, above all, to always support each other. There are many networks where women look for opportunities, share experiences, publish events. Take advantage of these tools, it makes a difference; you can feel the female support,» she shared. One of these networks is the Women’s Network on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (REDMEREE, by its acronym in Spanish), in which she is involved.

Another way to approach the sector is through events that promote and encourage the public to become part of the industry, and learn about new technological advances. For instance, Hannover Messe, the first fair in Mexico dedicated to Industry 4.0, in which she, along with CAMEXA, will present topics on tools for energy development and dual training.

«The idea is never to remain silent, even if you feel intimidated», Kira Potowski.

«I have always tried to make myself known by believing in myself and in what I have to say», Kira Potowski.

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