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Passion and perseverance, the routes of a successful journey: Transportes JSV

Mónica Saucedo is responsible for the operations of one of the most important transportation companies in Mexico: Transportes JSV; which recently redirected its services towards the safe mobility of liquid hydrocarbons.

«One of the main objectives of Transportes JSV is to guarantee effective safety protocols, focused on risk prevention in the provision of transport services. We work with the most advanced technology in the market and, above all, we create bonds of trust with our customers through an excellent attitude of service,» said Monica Saucedo Ramírez, Operations Manager at Transportes JSV.

Currently, Transportes JSV, in strategic partnership with Grupo Zapata and Daimler Financial, is working to position itself as a benchmark in the transportation sector. Since 2013, with the opening of the energy market, they have reinforced their strategy towards the safe mobility of liquid hydrocarbons, with the acquisition of a fleet of units equipped with the highest technology.

«Within our main competitive advantages we can highlight that our units have unique technological capabilities in the market. Like our security system with audible and mechanical alerts called «Guardian», which, among other features, alerts operators to the first manifestation of fatigue and/or distraction while driving the units,» explained Mónica, who has a history of almost 15 years within this Mexican company.

She also added that the units have «Detroit Assurance» technology, a road safety system, and «Fifth Wheel Insurance», which does not allow the unhooking of tanks without authorization from the Monitoring Center –the logistics and security point that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and has trained personnel to activate security protocols.

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To ensure the success of its operations, Saucedo Ramírez said they rely on their «code of ethics and business conduct”. This code includes 13 key points: implementation of new security technologies, fleet no older than 5 years; continuously trained personnel, ISO 9001:2015 certification, qualified operators, prevention protocols and reaction to risk situations; psychological support to employees and updating of its corporate image, among others.

Regarding her personal success, Mónica stressed that the essence is to do everything with perseverance, trust in oneself and face our fears. «The key to excel is to believe in yourself and your potential, combined with passion and love for what you do,» she shared.

«I am very fond of my work, and I am proudly JSV!” she said. “The secret is to observe and never stop learning, so when you least realize it, you start developing professionally and making important decisions.”

She continued: «My recommendation to women is to always bring passion and perseverance and to not be discouraged when the expected position does not arrive. There will always be people who will bet on your abilities and capacities, even with the limitations imposed on our gender.”

Finally, she pointed out that Transportes JSV always strives for constant growth, both of the company and of those who work in it. «The investment for 2019 was of, approximately, 70 tractor-trucks; estimating, in 2020, a similar or greater investment, which will allow us to have a bigger impact on the market,» she concluded.

«Jorge Santana Villarreal, General Director of Grupo Santana Vega, has always backed me up. He has trusted my abilities when giving me this strategic position; he taught me that you always have to be aware of the range of solutions, even when the outlook is not the best», Mónica Saucedo.

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