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Petroleum Associations Recognize Distinguished Individuals in the Sector

Aldo Santillán Alonso
Engineering Awards, a recognition of excellence A recognition to the professional trajectories and contributions to the development of the oil industry. As is the tradition,...
English Manuel Rodríguez

Annual Report of the LXIV Legislature in the Energy Sector

Aldo Santillán Alonso
By: Deputy Manuel Rodríguez González The federal deputies of Tabasco, members of the coalition “Juntos Haremos Historia” (Together We Will Make History), are accountable to...
English Especiales Generación Eléctrica

SIESTART, maximum flexibility in generation plants

Aldo Santillán Alonso
With generation technologies available and a highly demanding and changing energy landscape, the effective combination and integration of diverse technologies is important for a reliable...
Energías Alternativas English

Enel Green Power endorses its commitment to Mexico’s green market

Aldo Santillán Alonso
Paolo Romanacci, CEO of Enel Green Power, presented the Italian firm’s business plan for the next 18 months in Mexico, where its commitment to the...
Alejandro Desfassiaux English Especiales

Negative balance in security after seven months of the new government: GMSI

Aldo Santillán Alonso
By: Alejandro Desfassiaux, CEO of Grupo Multisistemas de Seguridad Industrial. In terms of security, there have been some situations that make us think that the...