How Companies from
Canada, the U.S., and Mexico,
can develop more business opportunities.

The economic recovery from COVID-19 will be hard and long -worldwide. In the North American region, energy can be a key driver for faster recovery.

The opportunity is for companies from Canada, the U.S., and Mexico to accelerate their business development by being more regionally integrated -as a community.

Download the executive paper ‘Integrating a North American Energy Community’ by the International Society for Mexico Energy (ISME) outlining the key areas of opportunity.

This paper is a call to action to the private sector of the three countries -to take the lead. To develop more regional opportunities and to help shape North America’s energy agenda that addresses the new trends and challenges of the sector.

If you are a decision-maker doing business in the upstream, midstream, downstream and/or electricity sector anywhere in North America, this paper is for you.

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