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Land “use rights” increase uncontrollably in the country

Land “use rights” keep increasing throughout the country and especially in Mexico City. It is unacceptable that the government remains in a state of permanent inaction against this problem. When the authorities are notified that someone is being blackmailed with “use rights”, they respond that if the extortionists continue to speak to them, they need to report it again, but they do not have a specific protocol on how to react.

Mexico City has shown some moderation regarding these crimes, but this has worsened in recent times. According to data from Semáforo Delictivo, extortions increased 67% during the 1st semester of 2019 in Mexico City, compared to the same period last year.

In the mining sector, the so-called «golden belt» (“cinturón de oro”) in Guerrero, just to mention one example, has become attractive for crime due to the obligatory collection of illegal fees. Each mine in the country pays, on average, 12 million pesos a month to crime.

The only solid option we have left to resolve the problem of insecurity is the National Guard. We are playing our last card, so if it is handled incorrectly, things are going to get very complicated.

Read this column in Spanish: El derecho de piso se incrementa sin control en el país

The authorities must take advantage of Morena’s majority in Congress for the National Guard to be transsexennial, so that it no longer depends on political actors, and is a professional development agency for its members. Thus, it will not become an issue of each new administration to eliminate the created police corps.

There needs to be only one, truly professional, national command, which will allow the state and municipal police officers to take a hard line. Because it does not matter how many new bodies are created, if these police officers continue to operate, in many cases, commanded by municipal presidents in the service of organized crime.

Faced with the growing problem of insecurity in the country, Grupo Multisistemas de Seguridad Industrial offers the entire population the ProteGM app, available in all mobile systems as a free aid tool with an alert button, as a social contribution of the company.

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