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The faster the energy flows, the better: «Fast Power» solutions from Siemens

By: Siemens

A reduction in installation time, cost and uncertainty

In several parts of the world, population and the economy are developing rapidly and, in turn, the demand for energy is increasing. For this reason, it is important to consider solutions that deliver energy quickly: «Fast Power», fast-installing mobile turbines.

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Mobile gas turbines offer an attractive solution with a «plug and play» design, which allows energy to be delivered to the grid in a matter of weeks. In many cases, these turbines are used as a power «coupling» solution, ensuring a reliable supply with ample generating capacity.

Distribution and installation time are the main attractions of mobile gas turbine units, essential to quickly meet critical power generation needs. Several factors contribute to generating urgent electricity demands, and are ideally served by mobile units based on aero-derived gas turbine technology; some of them are:

  • Economic growth
  • Damage to infrastructure
  • Aged or unviable infrastructure
  • Market transformation
  • Temporary supply requirements

Siemens has developed mobile units with gas turbines for mobile applications in fast-growing markets. These packages reach unsurpassed levels of energy density, with an installation time of two weeks or less and a high degree of mobility to facilitate initial delivery or relocation of the unit by land, sea or air.

Such features are possible by an aero-derivative turbine core, which uses proven components and inherits the highest levels of performance and operational flexibility in its class. By completing most factory commissioning activities, the duration, cost, and uncertainty of on-site installation are substantially reduced.

Fast Power Solutions

  • Fast Power Mobile Unit SGT-A65
  • Fast Power Mobile Unit SGT-800
  • Fast Power Package SGT-400
  • Mobile Unit SGT-A45

Mobile units are set to offer outstanding potential in creating value in immediate energy applications, accelerating electrification and fueling economic growth in multiple areas around the world.

Siemens SGT-800

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