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Storage and Distribution Security

An undeniable fact is that, in our country, the continuous growth in demand for hydrocarbons, especially oil, requires greater investment in storage terminals and the way in which the material is distributed. Mexico stands out as one of the largest markets for the consumption of liquid fuels for transportation; although there have been insufficiencies in the capacity, development and maintenance of storage and distribution channels. 

Because of this, and as a way towards a workable solution, an economic model open to private investment has been implemented. Almost five years ago, the national gasoline market opened its doors to local and international investors. In addition, there is an energy security policy, based on the obligation to maintain precautionary inventories of certain petroleum products.

It is clear that liquid fuels are, in Mexico, essential inputs for transportation within the nation. I believe that, speaking of the national situation, the supply and distribution of these materials should grow and modernize; but, above all, it should go hand in hand with the country’s economic development.

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Storage is highly important, since it participates in all phases of the petroleum products’ value chain. In our country, almost all the storage of transport fuels meets Pemex’s logistical needs. However, since the doors were opened to private companies in the oil market, there has been great interest on improving the storage and distribution of hydrocarbons.

It is essential to strengthen the growth of the infrastructure for transport and storage of hydrocarbons in our country, both to control production and to meet national energy demands. The handling of this material requires great efficiency, logistics, planning, precision and attention, but above all, security. This mission must be supervised and treated with strict security measures that guarantee the least impact on ecosystems, while ensuring the well-being of all people.

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