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mayo 24, 2020
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From the gas station to the service station

La energía como medio para crear bienestar, columna de Rosanety Barrios

For most of the population of this country, the term service station is a concept that is just beginning to be known. The reason is that all citizens grew up going to the same gas station.

Currently, the conditions are being built so that Mexicans can choose, among several options, the station that offers them the service that best fulfills their needs.

This will be achieved by welcoming more investment by new players. There are currently around 70 brands operating in the country, which make their best effort to provide a differentiated service. Some have their additives, others offer loyalty programs; we can take advantage of our passage through the supermarket, dispatchers become vendors with decent jobs, and we discover that «filling up» is only part of the service we can demand.

Read this article in Spanish: De la gasolinera a la estación de servicio

Do we have a lot or not enough service stations?

One way to find out is to know how many vehicles per station are serviced in other economies. What we observe is that to have competitive conditions similar to Spain, Mexico would have to double the current number of stations.

Another advantage of competition is the possibility of operating compact formats, whose investment is equivalent to one-fifth of the one required for a large format (3 pumps), making them ideal for areas of low demand, which are generally the poorest.

Rosanety Barrios has 35 years of professional experience; she dedicated the first fifteen to the analysis of the Mexican stock market. Since 2000, she has participated in the energy sector, first in the Energy Regulatory Commission, and later in the Energy Secretariat, from which she coordinated the energy policy for the development of the natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and petroleum products markets. Since December 2019, she is an independent professional; she has a degree in finance, with a master’s degree in finance and in economic regulation of network industries.

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