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diciembre 14, 2019
Alejandro Desfassiaux English

10 to 1: Crime VS the National Guard

After 36 years of poor results, the government has not managed to reduce crime rates and nor has it developed a reliable police force. The big drawback now for the nearly 60,000 members of the National Guard is that they face an estimated 200,000 bodies from organized crime; and, in a way, another 400,000 state and municipal police officers who are mostly corrupt and colluded with criminals. In short, the 60,000 members of the National Guard have to fight a group that outnumbers them 10 to 1. 

The cancer represented by the state and municipal police must be removed; the Guard should be extended throughout the country to replace all the lousy police elements. It is very important that for the time being, all state and municipal police commanders depend on a National College of National Guard Commanders. The management of state and municipal security must cease to be a currency of political change and stop depending on the whims of governors or municipal presidents.

Read this column in Spanish: 10 a 1: Delincuencia vs. Guardia Nacional

The State is making use of its last remaining resource: the prestige of the Army, through the National Guard. SEDENA must make a decision, and announce that all military personnel, as well as members of the Guard, will act in their legitimate defense when they are the object of aggression. The law must be applied and those who attack any element of the Army, the National Guard, other public security entities or members of private security who are acting accordingly must be punished to protect the legitimate interests of others.

The National Guard should be trans-sexennial, and federal authorities must take advantage of the fact that Morena has a majority in the Congress. This will turn the Guard into a professional development agency for its members. Finally, they must make the Guard the only one responsible for public safety at the national level.

By: Alejandro Desfassiaux, president of Grupo Multisistemas de Seguridad Industrial

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