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National Core Center of the Hydrocarbon Industry

By: Sergio Pimentel

On June 26 and 27, the two headquarters of the National Core Center of the Hydrocarbon Industry were inaugurated. The first is located in the city of Merida, Yucatan and the second in Pachuca, Hidalgo.

The inauguration of the two headquarters of the National Core Center, which is part of the National Hydrocarbon Information Center (Center), of the National Hydrocarbon Commission (CNH, by its acronym in Spanish), constitutes the fulfillment of a legal mandate, contained in Article 35 of the Hydrocarbons Law. This norm establishes that the Center is responsible for safeguarding, preserving and managing rock cores, drill cuttings and hydrocarbon samples, necessary for the historical and prospective knowledge of the country’s oil and gas production.

The existence of the National Core Center of the Hydrocarbon Industry will allow interested parties to have physical contact with the rocks that were extracted more than 6 kilometers deep, in both terrestrial and marine fields. It will also give students of earth sciences access to a collection that was proscribed; it will make it possible for geoscience experts to carry out more exhaustive investigations with greater factual accuracy, and it will also allow operators of oil contracts that we currently have in Mexico to obtain valuable information for the development of their activities.

The National Core Center of Mexico also has a characteristic that makes it worldly unique: the possibility of interlinking, in real time, the information obtained from the physical samples with the digital information safeguarded by the Center.

The two headquarters are located inside science and technology parks, where laboratories, institutes, and organizations —that will contribute to the best use of the geological-historical heritage of Mexico— coexist. This lays the foundation for the emergence of regional development poles, crucial in the country. As an example, in the Mérida headquarters, there are physical samples of the Sarlat well, drilled in the state of Tabasco in 1905!

Finally, it is extremely important to recognize that the National Core Center of the Hydrocarbon Industry is today a reality. Thanks to the invaluable support of the Secretariat of Energy, Petróleos Mexicanos, CONACYT, the Mexican Petroleum Institute, the companies that participated in the winning consortiums of the projects and, of course, the governments of the states of Yucatan and Hidalgo, who donated the land on which both headquarters were built. For all of them, and for the public servants of the CNH who put their effort in this very important task, I extend a sincere recognition and congratulations.

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