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Mexican Oil Conference, the forum for technology exchange

Dr. Jorge Barrios Rivera, President of the Mexican Association of Exploration Geophysicists

«Innovation to transform the oil industry in Mexico» is the slogan of the XIV edition of the Mexican Oil Conference (CMP, by its acronym in Spanish), an event that, once again, will present the trends and technologies that are improving the industry’s efficiency.

The Mexican Association of Exploration Geophysicists (AMGE, by its acronym in Spanish), in the framework of its 60 years, has the honor of being in charge of the organization of the CMP in its XIV edition; always with the support of its fellow associations the Association of Petroleum Engineers of Mexico, the College of Petroleum Engineers of Mexico A.C., the Mexican Association of Petroleum Geologists, and the Society of Petroleum Engineers.

«The CMP is a platform of competition, in which the technicians of the energy industry, national and international, relate with each other constructively. In the same way, they satisfy the search for immediate solutions to current problems, which is achieved through the incorporation of best practices and lessons learned in the new modern energy environment,» explained Dr. Jorge Luis Barrios Rivera, president of AMGE.

«Those attending the CMP benefit from endless opportunities to update themselves on critical issues in the global energy industry. The foundation is the technology transfer that remains accessible during the days of the event. In this sense, AMGE plays an important role as co-organizer of the Conference,» he noted.

Equity is a fundamental aspect for the CMP, which is why, every year, the involvement of women in the Conference’s activities grows. This year, in the technical expositions and as main speakers, there are more than 15% of women experts presenting specialized works. In the same sense, the participation of the Secretary of Energy, Rocío Nahle García, stands out; as well as the large number of female students, who will compete in the Geollin knowledge contest, surpassing 40% of the attendance. Since last year, the Golf Tournament received a big number of female participants. It is crucial to emphasize that the Mexican Oil Conference establishes mechanics that guarantee equal opportunities for both genders in the selection of technical projects

For Barrios Rivera, the CMP is the ideal framework for its members to share and exchange technical and scientific knowledge, essential in this new era of the global oil industry. He also considers that the new international energy environment presents great challenges, which can only be resolved through the participation of specialists and experts in the various segments of the hydrocarbon industry.

«That is why multidisciplinary interaction spaces are essential, such as the Mexican Oil Conference, where the most outstanding technicians of the petroleum industry meet, sharing ideas and solutions to the eventualities of the current energy model», commented Dr. Barrios. He also added that the current scenario of the global industry comes with new challenges and opportunities, which require the maximum effort of specialists in Exploration Geophysics, especially in a Mexican oil industry in which there are close to 70 operating companies.

Regarding the association he leads, Dr. Barrios assured that it remains a strong scientific organization, with much enthusiasm and facing great challenges in a market full of technological updates. Today, this organism is working to maintain and improve its visibility at a national and international level, showing the potential of its members.

«The AMGE holds an active and determined membership to face the challenges demanded by this scenario, strengthening the relationship with new companies in our country, through collaboration agreements, sharing of ideas and knowledge exchange,» he concluded.

«The Mexican Association of Exploration Geophysicists has the opportunity to establish good relationships with players in the national energy industry, to help meet the goals and commitments of their exploration and development plans,» Dr. Jorge Barrios Rivera.

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