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Meeting by Onexpo, commitment, and hard work

By: Efraín Mariano

The gasoline retail event is one of the most important ones together with Onexpo Convention and it was useful for the sector to think about reached objectives and overcome obstacles along the previous year; at the same time, a path was set to face incoming challenges for the industry.

Retail businessmen operating in the Mexican market met at the Convention Center of San Luis Potosí at the conference Meeting by Onexpo, a traditional yearly event. Roberto Díaz de León, Onexpo National president shared that as a group, they follow a tradition of commitment and hard work, and their main objective is to present the results they have achieved as an association.

“Meeting by Onexpo is an open and responsible forum, its main objective is to promote its members’ development and enhancement. Today, the voice of Onexpo and its associates is listened,” highlighted Díaz de León. He stood out that the unity within the organization is created day by day among its associates through three main platforms, activities enriched by elements like communication, knowledge, and training.

“Onexpo Link”, the first one, meets gasoline retailers with federal, state, and local authorities. There is permanent and respectful communication among dozens of public agencies, regulatory offices, chambers, associations, councils, confederations, and private companies.

The second one, “Onexpo Talks”, is a forum to help businessmen to acquire knowledge about the current complex world and gets them closer to experts, those analyzing essential topics regarding technology, politics, and financing in a regional and international level.

Finally, “Onexpo Tec”, is a permanent and systematic training program encouraging knowledge and promoting operating excellence at the service stations as along the whole gasoline and diesel supply chain.

The event includes conferences, panels, workshops, and a business expo. The members were informed that in 2018 two council meetings were held; in the first one the ethics code was signed, a non-precedented act. In the second one, they worked on integrating international brands.

“As well, we have worked very closely to AMEDIRH, the Communication Council and the AMPES; there was a meeting for managers and a special training session; the visual health campaign and the dialogues for transportation were started,” shared Díaz de León.

Likewise, the organization gathered with the presidents of the energy commissions of the deputies and senators’ chambers, to know the energy project of the new government and with the intention to work together. “Onexpo will be there, in the middle of the decisions, as a main player of the national life,” he concluded.

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