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septiembre 21, 2019
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Marie Djordjian takes over as General Manager of TOTAL Mexico

Isabelle Gaildraud, Senior Vice President of the Americas and General Secretary of TOTAL Marketing Services announced that as of June 1, 2019, Marie Djordjian will assume the position of General Director of TOTAL Mexico, replacing Alexandre Duret-Proux, who has been appointed to other positions within the company.

I hope to join the team of TOTAL Mexico that, in recent years, has strategically strengthened the subsidiary, both for the expansion of our historic business and for the development of the new network of service stations,

Marie Djordjian

The new executive appointed to Mexico, has been working for the firm for 19 years, during which she has performed various functions both in the business of service station networks and in negotiations on mergers and acquisitions in Paris and internationally.

«We have many challenges as a company, especially to continue the growth of our business lines, as well as to provide more reliable and competitive fuel supply solutions for the Mexican people,» she added.

Djordjian stated that the firm’s interest is to give continuity to the growth of its business lines in Mexico, as well as to provide more reliable and competitive fuel supply solutions.

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