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For a greener mobility and an integral expansion

Corporate Graz & Grass presented its most recent project, which contemplates the implementation of Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) as an alternative fuel for cleaner and more efficient mobility in Mexico City.

Graz & Grass is a Mexican company with 20 years of experience in the design, construction and integral maintenance of natural gas networks. Currently, it is focusing its capabilities in a conversión project of gasoline taxi units into natural gas vehicles (NGV).

Engineer Saúl Odilón Cosme Pérez, General Director of Corporate Graz & Grass, explained that this is a scalable project that seeks to detonate the natural gas vehicle market. It also look for the support sustainable environmental care. «It is an integral project that we are leading along with our partners Vikars, TK-Fujikin, and Hamitech. But, we want to develop it jointly with all companies in the sector, to share its benefits and accelerate its expansion,» said the engineer.

For this project, Graz & Grass invited all members of the private sector to participate; gas distributors, gas stations and financial firms, as well as plants turning gasoline units into compressed natural gas. The first stage of this turnkey plan estimates the conversion of 25 thousand taxis and the construction of 28 refueling stations for natural gas vehicles. Likewise, the installation of 20 conversion plants, as well as the construction of a main supply station in the State of Mexico.

Read the article in Spanish: Por una movilidad verde y una expansión integral

«It is very feasible for this goal to be achieved in the next two years, but expectations of development and expansion are higher, especially if you take into account that there are more than 160,000 taxis and about 400,000 transport units in the metropolitan area,» he said. Cosme Pérez emphasized that, recently, they obtained permits from the Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT, by its acronym in Spanish) that validate their project as sustainable and that complies with current regulations.

Graz & Grass, since its foundation in 2000, has not only sought to place itself as a leading company in the field of natural gas vehicles but, also as a milestone in the patterns established by the industry. The director of Graz & Grass said they have given several courses, workshops, and conferences in the state of Baja California to promote the training of new technicians and engineers. Last year, they even taught a diploma in conversions for the final year students of Automotive Engineering, from the University of that entity.

This ambition for the development of NGV in Mexico, managed to get the Corporate invited by the Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute (KEITI) to the Global NGV Partnership 2019, in the city of Seoul, South Korea.  Graz & Grass was asked to participate as an exhibitor in this forum, which discussed current and future trends of the global NGV industry. This allowed them to explore potential areas of cooperation in the natural gas vehicle sector and help improve environmental conditions in both countries.

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