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CFE’s 82nd Anniversary

By: Rubí Alvarado

82 years after its official creation, the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE, by itrs acronym in Spanish) remains a solid and tenacious institution governed by a substantial objective: to contribute to the development of Mexico and its inhabitants through an accessible, fair and socially responsible electricity and transmission network.

Although its history began many years earlier, the CFE was officially created on August 14, 1937. Since then, it has established itself as one of the largest electricity companies in the world, gaining a key and determining spot in the energy sector and, above all, positioning itself as the pillar of energy in Mexico.

Its task is not an easy one. Providing electric service to the entire country is a challenge they face every day, with some ups and downs but always with conviction and decision. The CFE is an organization built on the strongest foundations, loaded with history and hard work. Due to these bases, it has known how to face the electrical and economic adversities of the country, and plant itself as a productive institution; this gives it a unique national identity, governed by reliability and transparency.

We still do not know when their Business Plan for next year will be announced, or what its strategies and growth tactics will be, what we are sure of is that it will meet the expectations and electricity needs of the Mexican people. The next investments of the State’s Productive Company reach 24 billion pesos, destined to maintain efficiency, capacity, and operational reliability while avoiding risks and economic losses.

It is these efforts, coupled with its incredible commitment to renewable energy, that guarantee that CFE will reach the top of its goals and conquer the highest obstacles towards energy prosperity in our country.

On behalf of Energy and Commerce, I would like to extend a sincere and affectionate congratulations to the Federal Electricity Commission and its entire team. We wish them all the success in the world and we hope that they will achieve all their objectives.

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