Round Table Conclusions

By: International Society for Mexico Energy (ISME)

  • Procurement and project award processes have become more transparent, there is greater access to information, and as a result, processes are less susceptible to corrupt practices.
  • Greater competition between companies and, consequently, greater opportunities for business development throughout the value chain.
  • Access to advanced technology, which makes operations more efficient and results in improvements in the quality of services provided to the community, as well as the need to train workers in new disciplines, diversifying and expanding the labor field of the population.
  • The development of national goods, services and labor as a result of the investments made. Mexican companies supplying the sector’s activities find a new space for innovation and diversification of services, and become more productive.
  • Communities throughout the country benefit from new opportunities for professional development and job security at project sites. These undertakings constitute a new form of economic sustenance for localities close to the oil fields that are being explored and developed, as well as the geographic areas in which electricity generation developments are located.
  • Increased competition among service providers brings with it the need to look for ways to reduce their costs and improve the efficiency of their logistics, resulting in lower prices and more choice for consumers.

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