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noviembre 20, 2019
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Annual Report of the LXIV Legislature in the Energy Sector

By: Deputy Manuel Rodríguez González

The federal deputies of Tabasco, members of the coalition “Juntos Haremos Historia” (Together We Will Make History), are accountable to the citizens of Tabasco and Mexico with the Annual Report of activities. Accompanied by Deputy Mario Delgado Carrillo, president of the Political Coordination Board and leader of our parliamentary faction of Morena; we also strengthened our ties of legislative collaboration with Governor Adán Augusto López Hernández. 

Morena’s legislative agenda is in full agreement with the platform set up by our President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. It has been translated into 30 new and modified laws, in addition to six constitutional reforms; giving legal architecture to the government of the Fourth Transformation, sustained by Republican austerity, whose initiative I had the honor to present in the Plenary, eradication of corruption, strengthening of democracy and fight against insecurity.

The results of the work of the Energy Commission, which I have the honor to lead, are reflected in the responsible approval of an Expenditure Budget 2019, which directs greater resources to social programs and strategic projects, maintaining healthy finances, with zero debt and no tax increase. This allowed to magnify the energy sector’s resources by 164 thousand 837 million pesos; that is, 12.66% more than in 2018, remaining in 1 billion 133 thousand 850 million. These resources were channeled to the financial rescue of Pemex and CFE, and the construction of the Dos Bocas Refinery.

To continue boosting the energy sector, in the next session we will be attentive to the proposed amendment to the Hydrocarbon Revenue Law to reduce the rate of Shared Utility Rights, for Pemex to direct 128 billion pesos of taxes to exploration and production.

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