Acciona, leading firm in sustainable solutions for infrastructure and renewable energy projects throughout the world, has invested more than 1.6 billion dollars in six green facilities in Mexico, which allow the generation of 1,143 MW of clean energy for the country.

The Spanish firm built the 183 MW “El Cortijo” wind farm, which will provide clean energy to 350,000 Mexican homes and avoid the annual emission of 429,000 tons of CO2. Appart from this project, it also has a 405 MWp photovoltaic solar complex in Sonora, one of the largest in Latin America with a solar gain area equivalent to 333 soccer fields, together with Tuto Energy.

Given that Acciona already has four fields in Oaxaca in operation, which add up to 556 MW, the start up of the two facilities mentioned above place it with 1,143 MW of renewable power in Mexico.

Said renewable capacity will allow Acciona to generate enough electricity for 2.3 million Mexican homes and avoid 2.2 million tons of Co2 emissions per year, equivalent to the cleansing effort of 110 million trees in their photosynthesis process.